Fix Disney+ Not Working On Firestick [Free Online Tool]

If you’re struggling to load Disney+ on your Amazon Firestick, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we list several confirmed fixes, listed in the order that will get you the fastest results.

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In a rush? Here’s the short answer.

A common reason for Disney+ suddenly not working on Firestick is a broken or weak WiFi connection. You can fix this by restarting your WiFi router. Other common solutions include restarting your Firestick (by unplugging it), checking for software updates, or uninstalling Disney+ and then reinstalling it.

Ready? Let’s dive straight in.

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Check your internet connection

There are several internet connection issues that can prevent Disney+ from working properly on your Firestick device.

Even if you’re reading this article on the same internet connection as your Firestick, make sure to check these common issues:

  • Is your WiFi working (is it connected to the internet)?
  • Is the WiFi signal too weak?
  • Do you have a slow download speed?
  • Is a VPN causing connection issues?

With the first issue, Disney+ won’t load at all.

If it’s one of the other three issues, Disney+ may load, but be very slow and have buffering issues.

Is your wifi working?

Try to access your WiFi on another device, such as your phone.

Or run a network connectivity test on your Firestick:

settings > network > check network status (press the play button on your remote)

If it doesn’t work, you’ve likely found your problem – the WiFi is down.

You can usually fix WiFi issues by restarting your WiFi router (also known as power cycling) and checking all the physical connections are in place. If this doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to contact your provider. 

Is your wifi signal strong enough?

If the WiFi is working, the next thing to check is your signal strength (this is a common issue if you’ve just moved or set up your Firestick).

Run a network connectivity test on your Firestick:

settings > network > check network status (press the play button on your remote)

If your signal strength is weak, poor or fair, keep reading. If it’s good or very good, move on to checking your download speed.

Signal strength 

If the signal strength is poor, your Firestick and Disney+ are going to suffer from performance issues.

There are two solutions to poor signal strength:

  • Move the TV / Firestick device
  • Use a WiFi extender

Move the TV / Firestick

Your Firestick could be too far from the WiFi router, in which case you’ll need to move it (and the TV closer).

Your Firestick could also be in a ‘WiFi dead zone’, which is a small area of weak signal, sometimes close to the router. Some surprising things can affect your WiFi signal, such as fish tanks or plants.

If this is the case, moving the Firestick around slightly can help.

Elevating the Firestick or moving it from directly behind the TV are good places to start (a HDMI extender can come in very useful here).

Use a wifi extender

If you can’t (or don’t want to) move the Firestick, you can bring the WiFi closer to the TV with an extender.

WiFi extenders boost the signal in areas where it’s a bit patchy.

I have several of these TP-Link RE315 extenders dotted around my house. They’re super reliable little workhorses that barely cost anything. Money well spent if you’re constantly running into weak connection issues.

Internet download speed

The next thing to check is your internet download speed.

You can do this on your phone or laptop with

Disney+ needs download speeds of:

  • 1.5 Mbps for library content
  • 5.0 Mbps for High Definition content. 
  • 25.0 Mbps for 4K UHD content

If your download speeds are low, it could be that another device on the WiFi is ‘stealing’ all the power by streaming or downloading big files.

Or you could just have slow internet.

You can try using an ethernet cable if this is possible for you (you’ll need this adaptor).

Or it might be worth contacting your ISP (internet service provider) to discuss upgrade options.

Turn off VPN (if you’re using one)

If you’re using a VPN, this could be the problem.

Using a VPN is technically against Disney’s terms of service, so if they detect you’re using one, the app won’t work.

Or the VPN could have a weak connection which is causing problems with the internet.

I personally notice this when using cheaper, less stable VPNs. It can be extremely frustrating, especially as you’re not given any warning that the VPN is facing connection issues.

Simply turn your VPN off and see if this fixes the problem.

If it did, it may be time to consider a new VPN provider.

Restart your firestick

If the WiFi seems fine, the next thing to do is restart your Firestick. Restarting your device can solve a whole host of problems.

There are two ways to restart your Firestick.

Manual restart

  1. Unplug your Firestick from the wall
  2. Wait for at least 10 seconds (but I’d say 30 seconds to make sure)
  3. Plug the Firestick back in and turn it on

Menu restart

  1. Navigate to the Firestick homepage (you can press the home button on the remote)
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select My Fire TV
  4. Select restart
  5. Wait for the Firestick to restart

Remote restart

  1. Press the Pause/Play button and the Select button (in the center of the navigation ring) simultaneously for several seconds
  2. The firestick should restart

Once the Firestick has restarted, check to see if Dinsey+ is working again.

And don’t worry, resetting the Firestick won’t do anything to the setup of your device (but a Factory reset does, more on this below).

All your settings and channels will remain (although you may have to log back into certain channels). 

Verify that Disney+ isn’t the problem

The problem could also lie with the Disney+ app itself.

Try to access Dinsey+ via another device. If this works fine you can skip these steps.

If you have a problem on the second device too – you need to troubleshoot Disney+.

Is Disney+ down?

This is unlikely to be the issue, but it’s quick and easy to check.

To check if Disney+ is down, you can:

If there is indeed a user-wide problem with the app, all you can do is wait.

You could also check with Firestick (via Twitter) and see if they are aware of any issues.

Check for updates

Software updates happen all the time. Your Firestick device should update automatically but for various reasons, this might not have happened. 

And if your software isn’t up to date it can cause issues (like Disney+ not working). 

You can manually check for updates by following these steps. You need to check both the Firestick and Disney+. 

To check for Firestick updates

  1. Navigate to the Firestick Homepage (you can press the home button on the remote)
  2. Select Settings
  3. Scroll to the right and select My Fire TV (on older devices this may be called “Device” or “System”)
  4. Select About
  5. Select “Check for updates” or “Install updates”
  6. Install any updates (do not turn off the firestick during this process)

Be patient – installing an update can take between 5-15 minutes.

To check for Disney+ updates

  1. Navigate to the Firestick Homepage (you can press the home button on the remote)
  2. Navigate to the Disney+ app in the app section
  3. If the app needs an update, you should see a notification pop up as soon as you click on the app
  4. Select Update

Side note: it’s also possible that the issue is with a recent update that has a bug.

If this is the issue, Amazon will release a fix or allow you to downgrade the software again.

Clear the cache and data on the Dinsey+ app

Sometimes the stores filed in the Disney+ app can go wrong, so you’ll need to delete them (i.e clear the data and the cache.

To clear the cache on Disney+, navigate to the Firestick homepage and then go:

Firestick homepage > Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Disney+ > Clear cache.

Next, you want to clear the data via:

Firestick homepage > Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Disney+ > Clear data.

Once you’ve done this, sign in out of Disney+ before checking if this has loved the problem.

Uninstall and reinstall Disney+

Sometimes apps corrupt for an unknown reason.

To fix this, you can uninstall and reinstall your Disney+ app. 

To uninstall the Disney+ app

  1. Navigate to the Firestick Homepage (you can press the home button on the remote)
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Applications
  4. Select Manage All Installed Applications
  5. Scroll down until you reach Disney+
  6. Select Delete or Uninstall.

You will then need to restart the Firestick.

This is very important – this will clear its memory so all traces of Disney+ will be gone.

After restarting the Firestick, you can reinstall Disney+.

  1. Navigate to the Firestick Homepage (you can press the home button on the remote)
  2. Click on the Search icon (located in the upper left corner)
  3. Type Disney+
  4. Click on the Disney+ app
  5. Select the Download or Get option.

You may have to re-login to Disney+ when you open it.

Disable IPv6

If your Disney+ app is stuck on the ‘who’s watching’ screen with a loading circle then this is the fix for you – but it also works for other issues.

For some reason, Disney+ doesn’t always get along with IPv6 – which is a communication system between networks.

Disabling IPv6 on your home router in favor of IPv4 has worked for lots of forum users.

Disney+ themselves have recommended not using IPv6 in the past.

You can usually disable IPv6 in the advanced settings of your router. If you’re not sure how to this, contact your ISP.

One Reddit user said:

“If you disable IPV6 on your router then the app will start working again. This is the same effect as enabling the Guest Network on some routers, or using Personal Hotspot on your phone.”

harking – Reddit forum user

Factory reset

This should be the last port of call because doing a factory will completely erase all your personal data and settings from the Firestick. 

It will be back to how it was when you bought it. 

But if nothing else has worked, it’s worth trying.

There are two ways to perform a hard reset.

  1. On your Firestick remote, press and hold Back and the Right side of the navigation circle together for 10 seconds. On the pop-up message select Reset to start the factory reset.
  2. Reset via settings

To reset the Firestick via settings

  1. Navigate to the Firestick Homepage (you can press the home button on the remote)
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select My Fire TV
  4. Select Reset to factory defaults
  5. Wait for the device to reset

Once you have turned the Firestick device back on you will need to set it back up again. You can follow the on-screen instructions to do this.

Less common issues

These fixes are less common but do apply in certain situations.

Reset your DNS/modem settings

You’d probably know if you’ve changed your DNS settings on your Firestick, but it’s also possible that someone you share your Firestick with has made some tweaks.

DNS servers help transfer information between your computer and the server providing you with Disney+.

You may be using a custom DNS to improve speed or have increased security.

Restoring them to default, or changing to a different custom DNS can fix a broken Disney+.

Here’s how to change the DNS settings of your Firestick

You may also need to restore your modem or router to your internet provider’s default settings. If you’re not sure how to reset your Wifi router settings, contact the provider.

Contact support

Finally, you can always contact Amazon or Disney+ customer support.

Disney+ & Firestick Issues Over Time (5-Year Chart)

Check this chart to see if there are more Disney+ and Firestick issues right now compared to usual. This is a good indicator of a more widespread outage versus something wrong with your device or app.

Most Common Fixes For Disney+ Not Working On Firestick

Firestick Specific Disney+ Error Codes

Disney Plus Error CodeCauseMost likely solution
Error Code 83Catch allInternet, Restart, Updates
Error Code 42Internet connectivity issueInternet
Error code 24/43Internet connectivity issueInternet
Error code 41Playback issueWait
Error code 76Internet connectivity issueInternet
Error Code 13Device limit issueLog out of other devices
Error Code 9You’ve been logged outLog back in
Error Code 86Account blockedContact customer support
Error Code 38Problem with date and time settingsReset settings
Error Code 25Internal errorRestart
Error Code 29Internal errorRestart
Error Code 35/36/11Blocked contentTurn off VPN
Error Code 22/28Restricted contentCheck if you have kids mode on
Error Code 73/31Location issueTurn off VPN

Historical issues

There have been no major widespread issues with Disney+ and Firestick that we know of.

If you know of any, or there is one happening right now – please let us know and we can update our information.

How To Fix Disney+ Not Working On Firestick
  • Check your internet connection is working.
  • Check Disney+ is not down (via the Disney+ website).
  • Reboot your Firestick device (by unplugging it for 10 seconds).
  • Check for software updates (for both Firestick and Disney+).
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ app.
  • Factory reset the Firestick (do this as a last resort).
  • Contact support.

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